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AN10DG-SPVCAIX Basics4 days€ 3.040,00
AN10D1DG-SPVCAIX Basics1,63 days€ 1.640,00
AN10GAIX Basics3 days€ 2.460,00
AN10G-SPVCAIX Basics1,63 days€ 1.640,00
AN11GPower Systems for AIX I: LPAR Configuration and Planning3 days€ 2.460,00
AN12GPower Systems for AIX II AIX Implementation and Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
AN14GAIX Jumpstart for UNIX Professionals5 days€ 3.800,00
AN15GPower Systems for AIX III: Advanced Administration and Problem Determination5 days€ 3.800,00
AN202GKorn and Bash Shell Programming5 days€ 3.800,00
AN22GAIX Network Installation Management Concepts and Configuration2 days€ 1.640,00
AN30GPower Systems for AIX – PowerVM I Implementing Virtualization5 days€ 3.800,00
AN31GPower Systems for AIX – Virtualization II: Advanced PowerVM and Performance4,50 days€ 3.800,00
AN51GPower Systems for AIX IV: Performance Management5 days€ 3.800,00
AN52GAdvanced Tools for AIX Performance Analysis4 days€ 3.040,00
AN6AGImplementing VM Recovery Manager – HA2 days€ 1.640,00
AN61GPowerHA SystemMirror 7 Planning, Implementation, Customization and Basic Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
AN62GPowerHA SystemMirror 7 Advanced Configurations5 days€ 3.800,00
AS06GRPG IV Programming Fundamentals Workshop for IBM i4 days€ 3.040,00
AS10GRPG IV Programming Advanced Workshop for IBM i4 days€ 3.040,00
AS24GSystem Operator for IBM i4 days€ 3.040,00
AS27GAdvanced System Operator Workshop for IBM i3 days€ 2.460,00
AS28GBRMS for IBM i, including Cloud Storage Solutions for i5 days€ 3.800,00
AS40GUsing Open Source tools on IBM i3 days€ 2.460,00
AS5EGPowerVM on IBM i – I: Implementing Virtualization and LPAR3 days€ 2.460,00
LX010GLinux Basics3 days€ 2.460,00
LX063DG-SPVCContainers on IBM Power1 days€ 820,00
LX063GPreparing for Red Hat OpenShift: Implementing Containers on IBM Power Systems2 days€ 1.640,00
LX071GPower Systems Running Linux: Server Administration3 days€ 2.460,00
OE98GIntroduction to IBM i for New Users1 days€ 820,00
OL19GIBM i System Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
OL20GControl Language Programming Workshop for IBM i4 days€ 3.040,00
OL23GIBM i Performance Tuning – I: IBM i Structure, Tailoring and Basic Tuning2 days€ 1.640,00
OL66GIBM i Performance Tuning – II: Advanced Analysis and Capacity Tuning4 days€ 3.040,00
QZC30GIBM PowerVC 2.0 Workshop4 days€ 3.040,00
QZC42GImplementing Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Power Systems2 days€ 1.640,00
QZC44DG-WBTIBM Transformation Advisor with OpenShift on Power0,50 days€ 820,00
QZC50GDevOps with Private Cloud on IBM Power Systems: Learn Ansible, Chef, and Puppet3 days€ 2.460,00
QZD32DG-SPVCLinux System Administration with IBM Power Systems2 days€ 1.640,00
QZD33DG-SPVCPrivate Cloud Management on IBM Power Systems2 days€ 1.640,00
RH000Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes and Containers3 days€ 2.460,00
RH001Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 – Linux Admin 15 days€ 3.800,00
RH002Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 – Linux Admin 24 days€ 3.040,00
RH003Automating Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 – Linux Admin 34 days€ 3.040,00
RHOSRed Hat OpenShift 4.x Architecture, Operations and Advanced Administration3 days€ 3.800,00
AN11DG-WBTAIX I: IBM PowerVM Logical Partition Management (Digital Course)1 days€ 820,00
AN33GImplementing PowerVM Live Partition Mobility3 days€ 2.460,00
QZC34DG-WBTIntroduction to IBM Power Virtual Servers (PowerVS)0,63 days€ 820,00
AN12D1DG-SPVCAIX Implementation and Administration Part 12 days€ 1.640,00
AN12D2DG-SPVCAIX Implementation and Administration Part 22 days€ 1.640,00
AN58GImplementing AIX 7 Security3 days€ 2.460,00
AFAnsible Fundamentals3 days€ 2.460,00
ACMAnsible Configuration and Management4 days€ 3.040,00
AN12D1DG-SPVCAIX Implementation and Administration Part 1 (Digital course)2 days€ 1.640,00
AN12D2DG-SPVCAIX Implementation and Administration Part 2 (Digital course)2 days€ 1.640,00
AN12GMastering IBM AIX: Implementation and Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
AN30GIBM PowerVM: Implementing Virtualization5 days€ 3.800,00
AN31GIBM PowerVM II: Advanced Management and Performance4,50 days€ 3.800,00
AN61DG-SPVCAN61DG: IBM PowerHA Administration Fundamentals (Digital version)5 days€ 3.800,00
AS24DG-WBTIBM i System Operator (Digital Version)4 days€ 3.040,00
QZC30GIBM PowerVC Workshop4 days€ 3.040,00
SQPSQL Queries for Professionals3 or 4 days€ 3.040,00
RPG34RPG Jumpstart from RPGIII to RPGIV Free Format3 or 4 days€ 3.040,00
ILECILE Concepts3 days€ 2.460,00
GCXMLGenerating and Consuming XML2 days€ 1.640,00
GCJSONGenerating and Consuming JSON Data2 days€ 1.640,00
SQLPLSQL Programming Language3 or 4 days€ 3.040,00
SQLPERFSQL Performance3 days€ 2.460,00
DBMDZDatabase Modernization / SQL DDL3 to 5 days€ 3.800,00
ESREmbedded SQL in RPG3 days€ 2.460,00
LELinux Essentials3 days€ 2.460,00
RHELFTRed Hat Enterprise Linux 9 RHCSA Fast Track4 days€ 3.040,00